The Gullibility of the Dissident Movement

Nuclear Moses

One of my biggest frustrations as a political dissident is the gullibility of my fellow activists. The minute anyone says anything remotely critical of the 'shitty little country,' they blindly believe everything else he says. Our ruling parasites and their psychopathic minions are obviously all too aware of their gullibility. Take for example the current 'tensions' between the Obama administration and master terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu. How naïve do you have to be to believe for a moment that President Obama would risk upsetting the lobby in an election year?! He's more likely to get pregnant.

No, what we are dealing with is an elaborate scam to fool the world into believing that the United States won't be part of an Israeli attack on Iran. While in the past I always discounted the likelihood of such an attack, I am now less convinced. The fact that Obama is risking upsetting Satan's little helpers so close to the presidential elections is a strong indication that he's planned an attack before the ballot. Once the war is in full motion, all the Jewish voters and media who previously got fooled by his 'fall-out' with Netanyahu over the Iran war issue, will be reassured that no-one beats him at putting 'Israel first.'

But why stressing out the Jews in the first place? Why risk being murdered by an overzealous Zionist. Well, Obama's dilemma is that he'd probably lose the election, if he simply joins into an unprovoked Israeli attack on Iran. Even a false-flag 'Iranian' attack on U.S. assets is too risky, because wide parts of the American public simply wouldn't believe him.

Obama is not going to fool the Iranians, but that's not what he's trying to do. He wants 'world opinion', especially in the United States, to believe that the United States are not part of the imminent Israeli attack. That's obviously nonsense, because there is no way Israel would be able to perform a successful military campaign against Iran without the full financially, logistical, weapon and intelligence support of the United States. One way or another, they will have to use U.S. military infrastructure, making the U.S. an accomplice in the assault. Obama wants the American public to think otherwise. The idea is to make any Iranian retaliation against U.S. assets appear to be an unprovoked attack on the United States. This will allow Obama to conduct a full scale war against Iran, with the full support of the American sheeple. Even more worrying is the fact that America's less than enthusiastic NATO allies won't have any choice but join the war against Iran.

The Iranians are in a lose-lose situation. They cannot really defend themselves effectively without attacking U.S. assets in the region providing military support for the Zionist assault. If they do, they will trigger a World War. The only way to stop this madness is a successful viral campaign helping the American public to see through the charade and call Obama bluff.

Dempsey's 'Shitty Little Country' Ploy
Seymour Hersh, Scott Ritter and the imminent attack on Iran

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