Alleged Glyphosate Poisoning Kills 2 Children, 33 More in Hospital

Doctors in the Canindeyú region of Paraguay say the use of the toxic herbicide glyphosate caused the death of 2 children, and put 33 more in the hospital.

4 Ways Exercise Treats Depression Naturally

Exercise can help you fight depression no matter who you are. Here are 4 reasons that exercise helps to keep you not just healthy, but happy.

Compiled Research Showing How Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure, Prevents Obesity, and More

How beneficial is chocolate? Research has shown that consuming dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, prevent oxidative stress, and boost heart health.

Despite Spending by Opponents, 88% of Floridians Support Medical Cannabis

A new poll indicates support for medical cannabis is holding steady at 88 percent in Florida, so the bill going to voters in November is likely to pass.

McDonald’s, Illinois Food Company Implicated in China Meat Safety Scandal

A food safety scare erupted this past weekend in China as television reports showed staff at a meat-supplier using long-expired meat products.

Treat Jews equally

The time has come to stop asking, requesting, telling or ordering Jews to stop treating all the non Jewish people of the world like they were their slaves, or, as the Jewish holy literature tells it, like animals. The time has come for all the non Jewish people of the world to respond to Jews' barbaric and psychopathological behavior in kind, that is to say, to treat Jews the same way Jews treat everyone else — with ruthless efficiency, to terminate them all where they stand with extreme prejudice, which is the same way Jews treat the rest of the world.

Ask a EugenicistThe Sterilization Question

824 words In the British Medical Journal (# 7108, September 6, 1997, p. 563) there’s an article entitled

More Than 100 Health Workers Fighting Ebola Have Contracted It Themselves

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Front Line Victories of Islamic Resistance Against the Zionists – Videos

The Palestinians are fighting for just cause. They are fighting with their lives to protect their land, families, loved ones, and more. Furthermore, they were attacked based on a fake kidnapping. Then, too, it had become clear regarding the degree of Israeli brutality just what the resistance was dealing with after the brutal killing of the Muslim martyr Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was killed by rabid Zionist extremists through being set on fire. He was also beat in the face to the degree that he was unrecognizable.

Stefan Molyneaux on Israel and the Nature of Judaism


The Experts’ Verdict: Every Israeli Missile Strike is a War Crime

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth

The War between Gaza and the Zionists

It is important to understand the genesis of the present round of violence between Israel and Hamas, really between Israel and the people of Gaza.

The Palestinians in Gaza Love Life but with Dignity

The more than 1.7 million Palestinians of Gaza Strip including 1.3 million refugees have been living in overpopulated shanty towns and refugee camps under tight blockade by Israel and Egypt that restricted the imports, exports, people movements, and ocean fishing. To add insult to injury, they have been victims of daily attacks by Israel for years. These conditions have resulted in the impoverishment and de-development of the population in the Strip where most of them hardly survive on the UNRWA hand-outs. This has deepened and strengthened their feeling of being dispossessed of their homeland and deprived of their right to have normal life. The failure to resolve their suffering and the grave injustice inflected on them, which is the root of the ongoing conflict, was waiting for an incident to explode. Failure of the US Secretary of State John Kerry to stop even Israel’s accelerated settlement construction in the occupied lands rendered the United States unable or unwilling to pressure Israel preserve even the facade of a negotiated peace that may meet the minimum legitimate needs of the Palestinians.

The hypocrisy of Israel’s stooges in Britain

Stuart Little views the hypocritical reaction of the Board of Deputies of British Jews who are quick to condemn Palestine solidarity activities and resistance in Gaza but are silent on Israel’s cri...

Ceasefire Ends Amid Intense Rafah Clashes, Report of Soldier Captured

Intense clashes erupted Friday morning between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the southeastern Gaza Strip amid unconfirmed reports that an Israeli soldier may have been captured.

Press Release: Challenging the Siege of Gaza

(Civil society organizations and public figures have called on the world to demand the opening of the Rafah Crossing.)

For the Sake of the Burning Children of Gaza

One of the most common refrains repeated by President Obama and other western leaders since the beginning of Israel’s massive military offensive against Gaza is, “Israel has the right to defend itself.” This refrain is not new and has been declared so often, it has become a cliché. Some leaders parrot it without even thinking. Israel has used such clichés as a justification for its actions as well as an excuse to further its carnage. As of July 29, the death toll in Gaza is over 1100 people, mostly civilians, and includes 243 children. In addition, around 53 Israeli soldiers and 3 Israeli civilians have died.

Zionist Megaphone: ‘Missiles Raining on Israel’

Watching US news coverage about Gaza for the past three weeks, I could imagine how the Nazis manipulated a nation to become complicit in the gassing and killing of millions of people.

The Landmark Ancient Histories

3,216 words No group of people can hope to regain control of their destiny unless they possess two essential things: the will to survive as a people, and knowledge. The reader who seeks to have a well-guided will must have an unshakable sense of identity: an understanding of who he is and his relationship to…

Every Israeli missile strike is a war crime…

Jonathan Cook explains why talk of “proportionality” or of Israel's “potential” war crimes is nonsense, and argues that Israel is committing war crimes by definition – right now, as you read this a...