West Visits Newly Installed Regime in Kiev


Arctic Sea Ice in Steep Descent

Earlier this year, on March 9, 2014, Arctic sea ice area was at a record low for the time of the year. Since then, area did show some growth for a while, to the north of Scandinavia. This growth could be attributed largely to strong winds that made the sea ice spread with little or no growth in volume. The 30-day Naval Research Laboratory animation below shows recent sea ice speed and drift.

Colombia Professor Victorious in His Quest for Academic Freedom – Video

After Iymen Chehade’s class at Columbia College Chicago was canceled, he realized that his academic freedom had been violated and skillfully protested until his class was reinstated. In this exclusive KAKE interview, Chehade discusses the importance of recognizing and fighting for academic freedom in schools across the globe.

Hamas, Fatah Agree to Form Palestinian Unity Government

Rival Palestinian leaders from the West Bank and Gaza Strip agreed Wednesday to form a unity government within five weeks.

UN Report on Palestine: Military Occupation, Apartheid, and Torture

The outgoing Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Richard A. Falk, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution 5/1 his last report on the dire conditions under which the Palestinian people have to live.  Falk’s final presentation addresses Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the wall in the eyes of the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice, and considers Israel’s policies and practices in Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) in light of the prohibition on segregation and apartheid. It also addresses concern in relation to the deterioration of the human rights situation of Palestinians living under the Israeli blockade in the Gaza Strip.

Off-Balanced Empire

Review of Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America
by Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2013)

Anarchy vs. the Jew


The Climate Engineering “Lump” No Longer Fits Under The Rug


French-Tunisian Imam Chalghoumi Organizes Interfaith Gathering at Drancy Holocaust Memorial

Edited/Translated by Mossad's free misinterpretation service for Middle-Eastern languages.

Spokesmen for Front-runners in Egyptian Elections Discuss Annulment of Peace with Israel

Edited/Translated by Mossad's free misinterpretation service for Middle-Eastern languages.

Dealing with the Holocaust

5,268 words Author's Note: This essay simply argues that Holocaust revisionism does not perform as advertised for the purposes of advancing White Nationalism. It was originally published at The Occidental Observer on July 20, 2012, where it proved my adage that

A Day in the Life: 4/22-23/14

Launch took place 6:00 pm on Wednesday December 5, 2012
at Gordon Rees, 275 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
(close to the AGU meeting in Moscone Center)

A Day in the Life: 4/19-21/14

The Obama administration has postponed its decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Earlier media reports on Friday regarding the delay were confirmed later in the day in a statement issued by the State Department.  The early reporting said the decision could be pushed back until after November midterm elections, though the Department statement does not indicate a timeline. The final report from the State Department on TransCanada’s pipeline had been expected in May, but the Department is allowing for more time for input from federal agencies as well as for review of the “unprecedented number of new public comments” — roughly 2.5 million —received before the public comment period ended. The State Department cited “uncertainty created by the on-going litigation in the Nebraska Supreme Court which could ultimately affect the pipeline route in that state.”  In February, a local judge struck down a law that allowed for the tar sands pipeline to pass through the state, garnering cheers from Keystone foes and putting into question the pipeline route. The State Department’s decision to hold off on a decision “shows the problems with the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline continue to grow,” stated Jim Murphy, senior counsel of the National Wildlife Federation. “At every turn, polluter allies have tried to game this process and it’s only led to further delay.” “The facts show Keystone XL would worsen climate-disrupting carbon pollution, failing President Obama’s climate test. We’re confident that President Obama will ultimately reject Keystone XL as it is clearly not in the national interest,” Murphy stated. Climate movement 350.org says that the rejection from Obama needs to come now. Stated co-founder Bill McKibben, “It’s as if our leaders simply don’t understand that climate change is happening in real time — that it would require strong, fast action to do anything about it.” Still, the postponement is “clearly another win for pipeline opponents,” added Jamie Henn, communications director for the group.  “We’re going to keep up the pressure on the President to make the right call and continue to expand our broader fight against the fossil fuel industry. Big Oil has run Washington for far too long,” Henn stated. *** http://www.commondreams.org/view/2014/04/19-2 Published on Saturday, April 19, 2014 by Common Dreams

US Post Office Is Buying Bullets, Lots And Lots Of Bullets

The US Post Office is now counted among the federal agencies posting advertisement to purchase copious amounts of bullets. Some Second Amendment advocates are concerned about the large amounts of ammunition being purchased, according to a NewsMax report.

The Netherlands Say NO to Glyphosate, Monsanto’s RoundUp Herbicide

The Netherlands has passed a measure which bans the non-commercial use of glyphosate, determined to protect the general public from toxic herbicides.

Low Fat Foods Contain 20% more Sugar on Average than Full-Fat Products

Are you attracted to low-fat or fat-free foods? It turns out that these foods often contain as much as 25 percent more sugar than the full-fat conterparts.

5 Easy to Grow Medicinal Herbs You MUST Utilize

Growing your own medicinal herbs is easier than you might imagine. Here are 5 awesome medicinal herbs to grow and utilize today to boost your health.

WHO Estimates 7 Million Deaths Caused by Air Pollution in 2012

New data from the WHO says approximately 7 million people died from air pollution in 2012, with about 50 percent being connected to indoor air pollution.

Colorado and Washington 4/20 Marijuana Events Attract Surge of Tourists

Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts gathered in Colorado and Washington at concerts, rallies, and trade shows to celebrate 4/20 celebrations.

Survival Is the Saudi Key Word

Survival is the key word to understand the Saudi dynasty’s latest external and internal policies. These are designed to pre-empt change but paradoxically they are creating more enemies in a changing world order marked by turbulent regional geopolitics and growing internal demands for change.