‘Kiev ready for constitutional reform’

Ukraine’s acting prime minister says Kiev is ready for constitutional reform that will secure powers of the regions.

​No reason why things with West can’t be normal again – Putin

Russia sees no reason why its relationship with the West can’t normalize, President Putin said amid growing tension between the opposing camps over the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine.

Military stay in Ukraine's East despite 'inactive' operation

Following the agreements reached in Geneva between Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the US, Kiev says the active phase of its military operation in the east of th...

MPs invite Zarif to discuss N-talks

Iran's foreign minister will update the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Majlis on the latest developments regarding Tehran’s nuclear talks with the P5+1 group.

Poll: Most think Obama lies to Americans

A new survey shows that about six in ten American voters believe President Barack Obama lies to the country on important matters.

Turkey opp. slams intelligence bill

Turkey’s main opposition party says the government’s new intelligence bill on expanding the country’s spy agency powers, will turn Turkey into a police state.

Fourth US Navy official charged

A fourth US Navy official now faces corruption charges of bribery after he disclosed classified information to a Singapore-based defense contractor.

David Axelrod hired as Ed Milibrand's communications manager

David Axelrod, recognized for creating a winning campaign strategy for Barack Obama’s senatorial race (2004) and presidential elections (...) [Voltaire Network]

Fake Flyer Fury: 'Letter to Jews' Kerry cited was forged

A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the c...

OSCE calls on Kiev to disarm protesters

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has called on Ukraine to disarm pro-Russian protesters following an agreement between Moscow and Kiev.

UK plans to sell people’s personal data

The British government plans to sell the personal financial information of millions of its taxpayers to private firms in exchange for money.

Video: Tear gas, water cannon as protesters break police barricade in Turkey

Riot police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse protesters in central Ankara on Friday. The protesters work in two hydro-electric power plants located...

The Establishment’s war on Rand Paul

The war is on – no, not that war, this war: I’m talking about the GOP establishment’s war on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, whose presidential campaign has taken wing and soared.

‘ISIL leader shot dead in Iraq’s Mosul’

A senior leader of the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been shot dead near Iraq’s northern city of Mosul, security officials say.

This Is How Al-Manar Crew Was Targeted in Maaloula

Following the martyrdom of al-Manar crew members in the Syrian town of Maaloula last Monday, investigation was opened to reveal the details of the attack by terrorists who did not manage to flee the town.

Vietnam says 7 Killed in Shooting on China Border

Seven people were killed in a gun battle between border guards and Chinese illegal migrants at a remote frontier crossing in northeast Vietnam, authorities said Friday

Warnings of Zero Hour of Insurgency ahead of Iraqi Elections

The head of security committee in Abi Saida in Diyala province, Awad al-Rubaie, warned of “Zero hour” scheme which armed groups are seeking to implement ahead of the elections, confirming the presence of more than 50 militants, half of them foreign nationals.

Obama: Diplomacy on Ukraine Positive but Sanctions Ready

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday that talks between Russia and Western powers aimed at ending tensions in Ukraine have potential but warned that the United States and its allies are prepared to impose more sanctions on Russia if the situation fails to improve.

Indian Authorities Arrest Opposition Kashmiri Leaders

Over two dozen separatist and pro-Pakistan political leaders and workers have been arrested in Indian-held Kashmir by the Indian authorities, a senior police officer, who requested anonymity, confirmed, according to World Bulletin.

Diplomacy vs US Double-standards

A Day at LAU that Sums up all Days