Iraq Suicide Blast Rocks University, Army kills Attackers, Clears Building

Attacks in Iraq, including a suicide bombing at Baghdad's Imam Kadhim University in north of the city, killed at least nine people on Sunday, security and medical officials said.

Israeli Troops Block UN Envoy from Easter Service

The Zionist police refused to let the U.N.'s peace envoy to the Middle East, other diplomats and a crowd of Palestinians pass through a barricade to attend a pre-Easter ritual in the Jerusalem church that is believed to be the burial site of Prophet Jesus, the U.N. official said on Saturday.

Curfew in Ukraine after Gun Battle Kills Four in the East

Ukrainian authorities declared curfew on Sunday after three pro-Russia activists and one attacker were killed in a gun battle near the volatile eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk earlier in the day

Gunmen Shot Dead 2 Policemen at Cairo Checkpoint

Two Egyptian policemen were shot dead in the early hours of Sunday at a highway checkpoint east of Cairo, the Interior Ministry said.

Accident in Southern Pakistan Kills 42

At least 42 people were killed and more than 10 were injured in a head-on collision between a passenger bus and a truck in southern Sindh province on Sunday morning, police and rescue workers said.

Qaradawi Tries to Soothe Gulf Anger

The Qatar-based Egyptian cleric, whose sermons ignited sectarianism and terrorism in Syria and strained ties between Doha and its neighbors, sent a conciliatory message to countries he criticized in an apparent attempt to help end a rift between the Gulf Arab allies.

Opposition Mortar Attack on Damascus Claims Four Civilians

Four civilians were killed in terrorist attacks with mortar shells which hit the surrounding areas of Arnous and Omawiyeen squares in Damascus on Sunday, SANA news agency reported.

Saudi Arabia Trains Chechens to Operate in Syria: Report

Syrian Opposition sources and Western analysts agreed that Saudi Arabia has facilitated the recruitment of more than 1,000 Islamist fighters from Russia’s autonomous Chechnya in preparation for being sent to Syria, the American World Tribune newspaper reported.

Salehi: Iran Converts over 200 Kg of Enriched Uranium

Iran's atomic chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, said on Saturday it had completed watering down and converting more than 200 kilograms (440 lb) of enriched uranium under a deal reached in Geneva last November with world powers over its disputed nuclear program.

Syrian Army Fights off Gunmen in Homs, Latakia, Aleppo

Syrian army units on Sunday inflicted terrorist groups heavy losses in Homs countryside, including al-Ghanto, al-Mashjar al-Janoubi, Beit Rabia, Talbiseh, Beit Hajjo, al-Sain, Um Sharshouh, al-Dar al-Kabira and Ein Hussein areas, and destroyed their military ordnance, state-run SANA news agency reported.

Drone Kills 3 Qaeda Suspects in Yemen

Three more Al-Qaeda suspects, including an alleged senior militant, were killed Monday in a drone strike in southern Yemen, a local official said

Leader Agrees to Pardon Convicted Women on Birthday of Lady Fatima (as)

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei pardoned on Sunday a number of convicted women in the jails, Leader’s official website reported.

Saudi Arabia: Prince Saud Al-Faisal to Be Removed from Post as FM

Saudi Arabia Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud Al-Faisal will be removed from his post, Saudi opposition sources said.

Syria starts registering pres. hopefuls

People’s Assembly of Syria has called on candidates to register for the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

US funds warn of sanctions on Russia

US fund managers have warned of risks shareholders could face from current or future Western sanctions against Russia, as Washington move to impose more sanctions on Moscow over their dispute on Ukraine.

'Ukraine grossly violating Geneva deal'

Russia has accused Ukraine of violating the Geneva deal signed recently in an attempt to ease tensions in the crisis-hit Eastern European country.

US promotes network for dissidents

The US State Department has provided millions of dollars to a team of hackers and software experts to develop a digital network for dissidents abroad to communicate more securely and feely than they can on the Internet, The New York Times reports.

Iran invited to Italy handicrafts fair

Iran has been invited to Italy as the special guest at the 78th edition of International Handicrafts Trade Fair in the city of Florence.

Obama has manhood problem: Brooks

A New York Times columnist has said US President Barack Obama has “a manhood problem” when it comes to foreign policy, especially with regards to the Middle East.

Search for Malaysia jet goes on under sea

Australian officials say an unmanned underwater vehicle searching for a missing Malaysia airliner has completed two thirds of the planned hunt with no signs of the jet.