Scottish vote to extremely shock UK

You could tell it was getting serious when Gordon Brown made friends with Alistair Darling; and when the Scottish Daily Mail began running doom headlines about the future of the Union. I don't know whether the narrowing of the poll lead for the no campaign was just a blip, but it doesn't feel like it.

'Egypt mass killings witness nabbed'

Human Rights Watch has bewailed the arrest of one of the witnesses in its investigation into mass killings in Egypt last summer.

US to Israel: Don’t grab Palestinian land

The United States has criticized Israel’s plan to grab hundreds of hectares of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli Unit Maneuvers in Occupied Golan, Levels Land in Shabaa Farms

The Zionist army carried out on Monday a major maneuver in the occupied Golan Heights, near the Assal Valley extended to the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms, Al-Manar Website correspondent reported.

British Ebola patient doing 'pretty well'

The parents of William Pooley, the first British person to catch the deadly Ebola virus in the recent West Africa outbreak, have said that he is recovering well.

Hezbollah: Israeli Project in WB Judaization, Only Resistance Can Deter It

Hezbollah stressed on Monday that the Zionist project in the West Bank to seize lands and annex them for building settlements is a new crime that completes the pre-planned judiazation scheme.

Maliki Vows Iraq Will Be Graveyard for ISIL

Outgoing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed Monday that Iraq will be a "graveyard" for terrorist gunmen as he visited the town of Amerli after the breaking of an 11-week siege

Germany to Send Military Equipment to Iraqs Kurds

Germany will help arm Kurdish forces fighting militants of the so-called 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL) active in Iraq, the Germany Defense Ministry announced on Sunday.

Afghan Talks for Unity Government Collapse As Crisis Deepens

Talks on a power sharing deal between Afghanistan's rival presidential candidates, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, have collapsed, a top leader said on Monday, rekindling fears of ethnic unrest over the disputed vote.

Japan, India Vow to Boost defense Ties during Summit

Japan and India agreed on Monday to strengthen defense ties as Asia's second and third biggest economies keep a wary eye on a rising China, with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashing out at the "expansionism" of some nations.

Clashes Resume in Pakistani Capital, Police Firing Teargas

Clashes between Pakistani anti-government protesters and police resumed in the capital Islamabad late on Monday afternoon with security forces firing teargas to stop demonstrators trying to reach Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's residence.

Iraqi Forces Retake Sulaiman Bek after Breaking Siege of Amerli

Iraqi forces, backed by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and popular defense committees, kept up the momentum of their advance on Monday as they retook Sulaiman Bek, a town north of Amerli that had been an important militant stronghold.

HRW: ISIL Using Cluster Bombs

Human Rights Watch said Monday that militants of the Takfiri group operating in Iraq and Syria, ISIL, have used cluster munitions in Syria in at least one location.

Iran DM: Zionist Entity Not to Win Any More War

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hussein Dehqan stressed on Monday that the Zionist entity will never emerge victorious in any future war.

Libya Militias Seize Tripoli Govt Offices

Libya's outgoing government admitted Monday it had lost control of government offices in Tripoli to armed militias.

Putin: Kiev Army Directly Targeting Civilians, Europe Ignoring That

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian army of directly targeting civilians in the east of the country, saying that Europe has been ignoring that.

Zarif in Brussels for Nuclear Talks with Ashton

Iranian delegation headed by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, have arrived in Belgium early Monday morning for talks with the representative of G5+1.

Green or clean? EU blacklists super-powerful vacuum cleaners

The EU has introduced a ban on powerful vacuum cleaners that run on 1,600 watts or more, which came into force September 1. Europe hopes it will help to save energy, but critics say the law is just meddling with private life.

Algeria hosts new round of Mali peace talks

Bamako government and six rebel groups are seeking to resolve decades-old conflict that created power vacuum in desert north.

UK PM after passengers data sharing

British Prime Minister David Cameron is reportedly expected to unveil plans that make it easier for intelligence agencies to share airline passenger information.