US Gen. stripped of rank over sex issue

Army Maj. Gen. Michael Harrison was stripped of his rank and will be forced to retire due to his handling of a sexual assault complaint, the Army announced Wednesday.

Iraq Kurdish forces recapture 7 villages

Iraqi Kurdish forces have captured seven villages from the grip of ISIL Takfiri militants near a strategic dam in the northern city of Mosul.

Terrorist Joumaa: We Plotted to Control Arsal to Support Militants in Qalamoun

The military magistrate Imad al-Zein issued two arrest warrants against the detained terrorists Imad and Ahmad Joumaa

Meshaal: Gaza War Imposed on Israeli Enemy Balance of Terror

Head of Hamas political bureau Khaled Meshaal asserted that the battle with the Israelis occurs within the waning Zionist entity which occupies  the Palestinians' homeland

Iran Foreign Minister to Visit Turkey, Russia

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will visit Turkey on Thursday before embarking on a mini-tour of Europe that will take him to Russia, Italy, Luxembourg and Belgium, Iranian media reported

UN Says Executions a Common Spectacle in ISIL-controlled Syria

Public executions, as well as amputations, lashings and mock crucifixion take place regularly on Fridays in parts of Syria controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a U.N.-mandated probe said Wednesday.

Iraq Forces Mass in Bid to Break "Jihadist" Siege of Turkmen Town

Iraq was massing forces Wednesday for an operation to break a two-month "jihadist" siege of the town of Amerli amid growing fears for residents short of food and water

Basij Commander: Arming Resistance Groups in West Bank Began

Commander of Iran's Basij force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi announced on Wednesday that arming the Palestinian resistance groups in the West bank has started

Iranian Response to Israeli Drone Will be in Occupied Territories: Commander

An Iranian commander vowed on Wednesday that the Islamic Republic is to respond in the occupied Palestinian territories to the recent intrusion of an Israeli spying drone into its airspace.

Jihadist Nightmare Haunts Europe: Hezbollah Defends Us

Elie Hanna - Al-Akhbar

Syrian Soldier to ISIL Murderer: "I Swear to God We Will Eradicate the State"

The news bulletins social media networks have circulated a video which show how the Syrian army soldier Yahya Adnan Shughari challenged the ISIL terrorists by swearing that the military will eradicate the so-called Islamic State before they killed him with his colleague

Israel Bombards Golan Heights before Syria Terrorist Held Quneitra Crossing

The Israeli army bombarded Wednesday the Golan Heights under the pretext that one of its members was wounded by Syrian shooting. The shelling was before the terrorist groups in Syria announced holding Quneitra crossing which lies on the Heights

Syrian Army Inflicts Heavy Losses upon Terrorists on Flita Barrens in Qalamoun

The Syrian army repelled Wednesday a militant infiltration attempt on Flita barrens in Qalamoun in Damascus western countryside

Third Israeli Drone Crashes in Iraq

News sources confirmed on Wednesday that an Israeli Hermes drone has crashed in Baghdad, capital of Iraq

Haniyeh Hails Palestinian Resistance Victory in Massive Gaza Celebration

The deputy head of the Hamas politburo, Ismail Haniyeh, greeted thousands of Palestinians in a central Gaza square on Wednesday in a massive victory rally following the signing of a long-term ceasefire that concluded 50 days of intense Israeli aggression

Egypt Probes Mursi on Data Transfer to Qatar

Egypt is probing reports that deposed President Mohamed Mursi allegedly provided national security-related documents to Qatar.

Russia: We Dont Want the Arctic to Become Arena of Conflict

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov attempted to dampen the escalating rhetoric around the Arctic, after his Canadian counterpart said his country was ready “to protect its sovereignty” in the resource-rich region.

Erdogan Sworn in as Turkeys New President


Lebanese Army Liberates Four Soldiers captured by Terrorist Ambush in Arsal

Lebanese Army managed Thursday, after fierce clashes with ISIL and Nusra members in Wadi Al Rahyan and Wadi Al Hawa in North Bekaa, to liberate four of its soldiers that have fallen earlier at the hands of the terrorist groups in a cruel ambush

Hamas: Netanyahus Gaza Victory Claim "Desperate Attempt to Justify Defeat"

The Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas announced that it refused to discuss the issue of Israeli soldiers captured by its fighters at the meantime, arguing that the Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu has subjected to its position