'Russia won’t deploy troops to Ukraine'

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Moscow has no plan to send troops to Ukraine as such a move is against the fundamental interests of Russia.

Army to protect polio teams in Pakistan

The Pakistani army says it will protect health workers taking part in polio vaccination campaign across the country’s militant-riddled northwest.

Ban slams attack on UN base in S Sudan

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned an attack on a United Nations compound in war-weary South Sudan.

Algeria presidential aide claims vote win

A top aide to Algeria's incumbent President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has claimed a “landslide” victory for the ailing leader following Thursday’s vote across the North African nation and amid allegations of fraud by his rivals.

‘Taliban kill 4 Afghan police officers’

Taliban militants have killed at least four Afghan police officers after stopping their vehicle on the road to the capital, Kabul.

‘Bahrain must stop harassing Shia cleric’

Amnesty International (AI) has called on the Bahraini regime to stop the “intimidation” of a Shia Muslim cleric who was stripped of his nationality in 2012, saying Manama must “rescind” the decision.

‘Bahrain must end harassing Shia cleric’

Amnesty International (AI) has called on the Bahraini regime to stop the “intimidation” of a Shia Muslim cleric who was stripped of his nationality in 2012, saying Manama must “rescind” the decision.

Neo-cons behind visa ban to Iran envoy

A political analyst says neoconservatives in the United States are behind Washington’s decision not to grant a visa to Iran’s UN envoy pick.

Bounty set for fighting pro-Russians

A regional governor in eastern Ukraine has offered cash bonuses for those who fight against pro-Russian protesters.

Japan embarrassed by Fukushima woes

The manager of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has described as embarrassing the failure of repeated efforts to bring under control the problem of radioactive water at the plant.

China 'winner' of new US-Russia conflict

The Chinese government is one international player that benefits from the recent struggle between Russia and the United States over the Ukraine crisis, an analyst says.

Lebanese Army Intelligence Apprehends Wanted Bilal Kayed


Israel: Hezbollah Changed Rules of Engagement at Borders

The Israeli media considered that the recent military actions which Hezbollah carried out against the Israeli army at Lebanese-Palestinian borders in response to the Israeli attacks changed the rules of engagement between the two sides

Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87

The Colombian Nobel literature laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died in Mexico at the age of 87, his family and officials have said.

Iraq Policeman Dies Shielding Recruits, Attacks Kill 21

An Iraqi policeman sacrificed himself to shield army recruits from a suicide bomber northeast of Baghdad on Thursday, as attacks mainly targeting security personnel killed 21 people nationwide, officials said

South Korea ferry death toll rises to 25

At least 25 people are believed to have died after a passenger ship capsized in waters off South Korea’s southwestern coast.

Turkey parl. passes spy agency bill

Turkish lawmakers have approved a controversial bill that expands the powers of the country’s spy agency and grants more immunity to it.

Obama’s pivot is global: Lendman

As US President Barack Obama is to travel to the Asia-Pacific region next week in a bid to revive the “pivot” of US military towards the region, American author and radio host Stephen Lendman says Obama’s “pivot is global.”

Fight for living wage intensifies in US

Seattle’s corporations were blindsided, it all happened so fast. Socialist candidate Kshama Sawant’s successful City Council campaign tore through Seattle politics like a tornado, leaving the 1% devastated, unable to cope with a storm they didn’t see coming. The Seattle elite had no way to counter her arguments, silence her supporters, or keep her from gathering a tidal wave of support for the $15 campaign. The establishment was paralyzed, powerless.

US unfreezes $450mn of Iranian funds

The United States has authorized the release of a $450 million installment of frozen Iranian funds, indicating that Washington is willing to make good on its commitments made last year under an interim nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers.