John Kaminski on David Baillie's Alba Voce radio show

We will discuss John's latest article that points out the most obvious way of fighting Jewish control of the US and world in general, standing up and saying the Emperor has no clothes. Why do we not confront the Jews here in our own backyard about the one sided brutality playing out in Occupied Palestine, the endless slaughter that has gone on for decades. It is the Jews here that enable it to happen and yet, Liberals on  the one side, and so-called Christians (with their alleged morality) on the other side say NOTHING, let alone do anything. It is time to stand up against the Jew bullies and their money as people of conscientious from whatever side of the political spectrum in which we stand.

Society splitting at the seams

America's first black president Barack Obama has shown all people of color in the USA that he can break the law at will, so the message they hear is that they can break the law as well, and we see that happening now throughout the mean streets of the growing slums of America. 

Israel must be destroyed like a mad dog that should be euthanized

In order to survive, U.S. must purge itself of all Jews.

The psychos who aim to kill you‏

If you oppose the America's worldwide warmaking tyranny and its demolition of domestic society within the United States itself, then President Barack Obama is planning to kill you. As the only U.S. president to ever nullify the Constitution by claiming the right to imprison or kill anyone he chooses without a trial or even without any specific charges, how the brain damaged U.S populace cannot make the connection between his actions and his intentions is an indication not only of how retarded the average American has become, but also is a sure sign of the end of the American republic as we have known it, and the emergence of something so dark and monstrous that some older people no longer physically fit and healthy will likely drop dead merely contemplating the reality of what has happened to their country they used to believe was civilized.

Treat Jews equally

The time has come to stop asking, requesting, telling or ordering Jews to stop treating all the non Jewish people of the world like they were their slaves, or, as the Jewish holy literature tells it, like animals. The time has come for all the non Jewish people of the world to respond to Jews' barbaric and psychopathological behavior in kind, that is to say, to treat Jews the same way Jews treat everyone else — with ruthless efficiency, to terminate them all where they stand with extreme prejudice, which is the same way Jews treat the rest of the world.

When lies turn into madness

It's not so funny how the same lies that we hear now being spoken by our so-called leaders in Washington about the events in Ukraine, or Syria, or Iraq, or Libya, or about any of the dozens of other countries upon which the American military has bestowed its "humanitarian" efforts, are the very same lies we were told in 1939 at the beginning of World War 2, when Germany marched into Poland to rescue its abused citizens there.

World War 3, Anyone?

They told lies about Syria and they turned out not to be true. Now they're telling lies about the Ukraine and Russia, and they will turn out not to be true. The only problem is, will they start World War 3 in the meantime, as hawks in Congress and sycophants in the news media are chafing at the bit to see the bombs start dropping.

Our leaders are traitors

How long will it take you to wake up? Will you ever wake up? Is it no longer possible for the world to awaken?

The behavior of barbarians

The most remarkable — and disgusting — declaration I've heard in the past few weeks was the statement by the Ukraine's new outlaw Jewish prime minister calling the Russian speaking residents of the eastern part of the country "subhuman". This not only went well with the policies of Ukraine's criminal ex-president Iulia Timoshenko, who advised using nuclear weapons against these same Russian speaking residents of the eastern Ukraine, but was right in line with the Jewish preference of dealing with non Jews throughout the world.

Humanity fails the belief test

Why has our society failed? Because in general, it doesn't tell the truth. Children are brought up understanding that there is a double standard, that people don't say what they mean, and that the rules society insists it follows do not apply to everyone, particularly the very rich and powerful, who may break any law they like at any time because they essentially own the justice system.

Fire sale on a used-up planet

Everything's available at bargain prices because the world is going out of busines. I don't know if there has ever been a time when hope has been in such short supply. Like a big department store going out of business after many years, the looting of its products has begun. The only thing that matters to most people is the quick score, the short term profit, the gaming of the system in search of serendipitous ill-gotten gain. Even the bargain prices aren't that important since the world's financial mechanisms have been revealed as total shams, and you can't even tell anymore how much money you actually have, since the value of your currency diminishes daily.

The war against ourselves

Without religion, we remain in a war against ourselves, dissecting reality with a ruthless scalpel, disparaging hope, ridiculing love and insisting we can handle the burden of life and death all by ourselves, forever dissing the reassuring comfort of a true belief as delusional, manipulative thought control.

Deliberately wasted lives (Happy Memorial Day)‏

So, who was it that the heroes of Seal Team 6, riding on a boobytrapped helicopter they never should have been on, gave their lives for? Or how about Pat Tillman, the handsome football star turned Army Ranger and budding peace activist, who one day while serving in Afghanistan turned up with a small circle of bulletholes in his head? First they gave him a Silver Star for bravery; then they admitted he was killed by friendly fire. Who was he killed for? Was he about to say the war in Afghanistan was a bad joke?

Your hiding place

It's impossible to maintain your health in a society for which you feel contempt and shame. The guilt of living in such a society ruins your life, pollutes it, taints it. You can delude yourself for a time, for years, even, and think you can isolate yourself from the world, indulge yourself in your preferred pastimes, console yourself with platitudes that you can't control the world and never could, but the rot eventually overtakes you, infects your whole life with embarrassment that you are living in the country whose underlying principle is ruthless murder and deception.

Humanity's Twilight

The future can be nothing but a mirror of the past. What you put into it is what you get out of it. The pessimistic professor Guy McPherson reminds us that the environmental impacts we are feeling now are but the results of the industrial pollution of the 1970s. So if we live that long, we can look forward to 50 more years of garbage in the lungs of our planet to affect us more significantly in the coming years. If you think that's going to be like getting hit by a speeding freight train, you'd be correct. Needless to say, it becomes difficult to contemplate scientific projections that will erase us all from the foreseeable future. But how much can we lose before we can no longer endure? And will that survival be something we can continue to call human?

An embargo in the mind

Why is everyone afraid to say who the real criminals are? Because we don't know our own history — and likely never will — we are compelled to accept their history, which after digesting a lifetime of lies, we begin to realize is false. This is how we are persuaded to accept that Muslims from caves in Afghanistan knocked down skyscrapers in New York City, how Adolf Hitler was the most evil person who ever lived, or how the present president of the United States — a man with no verifiable identity who has used several different aliases — is now allowed to kill anyone he chooses without a public explanation.

Tomorrow has been stolen

The dawn of a new darkness casts its shadow over a mangled furture.

Nothing ever gets solved

Don't get me wrong. I love true believers. I have the greatest respect for those who say "the truth always comes out in the end". The trouble is, it doesn't. In fact, it's more accurate to say "the truth never comes out in the end". How many examples do you need?

The elderly are the lucky ones

How can anybody who calls themselves a decent person support what the United States is doing, not just to unsuspecting innocents overseas, but to well meaning people inside America who have only tried to be good citizens and raise happy families. What have those people done wrong to merit such abusive treatment by those who are supposed to protect them? There can be only one answer. The USA is no longer run by Americans. 

Murder by plane crash

Many intelligent people have tried to piece together the significant facts about the missing Malaysian jetliner that has finally been declared crashed and lost in the unexplored recesses of the Indian Ocean near Antarctica, but one fact leaps out of this morass of tragic and confusing details that tells the whole story in a single thought.