The Jewish Holocaust

This course unit examines the "Jewish Holocaust" and its role in the establishment of a New World Order. It also examines the work and systematic persecution of revisionists.

The course unit "The Jewish Holocaust" tackles a highly sensitive issue: The veracity and enforcement of the mainstream narrative of the so-called Jewish Holocaust. It examines the prominent Jewish role in the design and implementation of the New World Order, with special attention to the critical role of the Holocaust narrative and the dehumanisation of Adolf Hitler in its enforcement. It also discusses the question whether anti-New World Order activists should counter that powerful political weapon and how best to do so.

Neither the New World Order nor the mainstream narrative of the 'Jewish Holocaust' can be fully comprehended without a thorough understanding of the role Jews and their alleged suffering under Nazi Germany are playing in the design and implementation of the New World Order.

This chapter in the “Jewish Holocaust” course unit examines the role of Fascism, National Socialism and Adolf Hitler in the New World Order. It analyses the reasons behind the systematic dehumanisation of Adolf Hitler beyond the mainstream narrative of the ‘Jewish Holocaust’, especially his economic policies.

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This chapter titled "The History of the 'Jewish Holocaust' Narrative" focuses on the evolution of the 'Jewish Holocaust' narrative itself and the alleged events it describes. References to Holocaust revisionists and their arguments will only be covered to the extent that is necessary for the understanding of the main topic of this chapter. A detailed overview of the Holocaust revisionist arguments will be provided in a later chapter title "The Holocaust Revisionist Arguments Against The Mainstream Narrative".

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