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The Zionists Have No Clothes - Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern Roots

Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern Roots - Part 2: The Debunked Anti-Semitism Hoax - Part 3: The Debunked Holocaust Hoax

You could almost feel sorry for the Zionists. They have invested so much time, effort and passion into telling everyone how the Jews got kicked out of their own country by those evil Roman imperialists, dispersed all over the world, kicked out of every single European country, over 200 times altogether, for no good reason, and eventually almost entirely wiped out in an industrial scale genocide by Nazi Germany, so that nobody would have the heart to refuse them the wish to return to their ancient homeland. Too bad, it all turns out to be nothing but a myth.

The Jews, not the Germans, are the real Huns

The first nail in the Zionists’ coffin was Arthur Koestler’s 1976 classic “The Thirteenth Tribe”. He revealed that the Ashkenazi Jews are not - as claimed by the Zionist narrative - the descendants of Roman days Judaic inhabitants of the Holy Land, but of ethnic Turk Khazars, who invaded Europe as part of Attila’s horde. After getting tired with slaughtering, raping and pillaging large parts of Europe, they settled in the area of Southern Russia and Ukraine and converted to Judaism, a clever political move that allowed them to trade with both their Muslim Arab and their Christian European neighbours.

The Zionists immediately realised the explosive implications of Koestler’s work. If the Ashkenazi Jews, who make up more than 90% of modern Jewry, have no ancestral roots to the Holy Land, how can the world justify forcing the Palestinians to welcome them in their land? Not surprisingly, the Zionists furiously refuted Koestler’s work as unscientific, which is utter nonsense, because his book was very well documented and referenced. Unfortunately for the Zionists, they couldn't accuse Koestler of anti-Semitism or even anti-Zionism, because he was Jewish and well known as a passionate Zionist.

The Maghreb origins of the Sephardic Jews

Israeli historian Shlomo Sand, a supporter of the Khazarian theory, expanded in his 2009 bestselling “The Invention of the Jewish People” on Koestler’s work by revealing the Maghreb converts origins of the Sephardic Jews. Similar to the Ashkenazi/Khazar Jews, Sands explains to his readers that the Sephardi Jews are the descendants of North-West African Berber tribes, which shortly after the collapse of the Roman Empire formed a Berber kingdom under a Jewish queen and converted to Judaism. They later entered Europe as part of the Moorish occupation force and – after the Spanish Reconquista – emigrated to Holland, England, Greece, Turkey, Iraq and India.

Genetics provided the final proof

Genetic science was supposed to refute Koestler’s and Sand’s Khazar and Berber theories. Numerous Israeli and American geneticists quickly established that both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews shared “some” Middle-Eastern genetic markers. These findings were always quoted whenever anyone mentioned the Khazarian theory.

If those ‘debunkers’ had actually read Koestler’s book they would know that he mentioned that the Khazars imported thousands of rabbis with their families for the purpose of setting up Talmud schools all over the country as part of the country's conversion to Judaism. You would expect over the following 1000 years some interbreeding to occur between the descendants of those thousands of Semitic rabbis and the Khazars, even though some of them, the elitist ‘Cohens’, descendants of the rabbis at the destroyed Jerusalem temple, tried hard to preserve their racial purity.

Genetics not only provided no evidence for overwhelmingly Middle Eastern ancestral roots, it did provide evidence for common Germanic roots amongst Ashkenazi Jews. According to that research, all Ashkenazi Jews descend of the same Germanic grandmother! The researcher didn’t dare to explain how these common roots could have come about and probably lack the necessary historic knowledge anyhow. When Attila’s horde invaded Europe, they obviously couldn’t bring their women along all the way from Mongolia. When they settled in the area between the Caspian and the Black Sea, they didn’t bother to send for women from their own tribe, which could have taken years, but ‘sourced’ women locally. The explanation for the common grandmother is that those unfortunate women came all from the same Germanic tribe.

The final blow for the Zionist theory came recently from an Israeli molecular geneticist. According to his findings, there is no genetic proof for the ‘Rhineland hypothesis’ according to which the Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants from Jews who fled Palestine after the Muslim conquest of the Holy Land, settled in the Rhineland at first and later moved east. The Khazarian theory, on the other hand, was confirmed by his findings.

He concludes that contrary to common belief, Jews are not a race, have no common Levantine ancestors, have nothing to do with the Roman Exile (70 A.D.), don’t originate from a small founder group, and are not all related to each other.

Consequences for the Zionist claim on Palestinian land

The confirmation of the Khazarian theory by modern genetics means that modern Jews have no ‘right of return’ to the Holy Land. It provides Palestinians with all the scientific evidence they need to refute the Zionist claims for their land and demand the removal of all Zionist immigrants and their descendants.

Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern Roots - Part 2: The Debunked Anti-Semitism Hoax - Part 3: The Debunked Holocaust Hoax

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