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Henniker has links to MI6 and the Royal family.

Michael says: "Under the guise of a children's holiday fund for deprived children, we would travel."

At one time Michael was, reportedly, forced to live in "slave" conditions on Lord Henniker's estate.

This is where Michael first met Peter Righton, who repeatedly sexually abused him.

The late Benjamin Britten (centre) and boys from Westminster Choir School. Website for this image. Britten lived in Suffolk.

Michael says: "I was taken to Wrexham. There was a hotel there, which I have since become aware that there may have been an investigation into.

The 12-year-old boy fatally shot by Cleveland police, on 23 November 2014, did not point a pellet gun at officers who approached him at a playground, police have now admitted.

Cleveland boy shot by cop didn't point replica gun at officer - police

But Americans like to carry guns and shoot little black kids?

"When police stopped a teenager stepping off the T-train to show his transfer as proof he’d paid his fare – $2 at most – he ran from them.

In 1953 the US government sanctioned Project MKUltra, the CIA's programme to produce mind-controlled people, including child sex slaves.

Experiments are carried out on large numbers of children taken from children's care homes, such as Boys Town.

A child victim of the CIA's MK ULTRA

The MK ULTRA scientists, working in around 80 institutions, included Nazi war criminals.

Donald Ewen Cameron worked on the programme in Canada and William Sargant worked on the programme in London.

The MK ULTRA scientists made use of torture.

Bill Cosby and Alicia Keys. The American TV star Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and raping large numbers of young women.

Sexual assault allegations.

Anonymous alerted us to Cosby's links to CIA mind-control.

Bill Cosby's father was in the US navy.

Bill Cosby joined the navy and served at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.[9]

The Bethesda Naval Hospital was the site of CIA MK ULTRA mind control programs.

The programs used mind control drugs on servicemen.

Progesterone is a hormone that makes people more friendly and caring.

Progesterone helps people and animals to form and maintain social bonds.

People with high levels of progesterone are more likely to form bonds with members of the opposite sex, and, with members of the same sex.

According to new research, homosexual/bisexual behaviour may have evolved to promote social bonding in humans.

"The research suggests that having exclusively heterosexual thoughts is a disadvantage." Dr Diana Fleischman

The research was carried out by Dr Diana Fleischman, from the University of Portsmouth.

Michele Flournoy The US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has been sacked, by Israel. "Chuck Hagel has sought to distance the United States from Israel, blame Israel for Palestinian terrorism, pressure Israel to surrender territory and retreat to indefensible borders, and has consistently attempted to increase pressure on Israel..." Hagel On Israel - Chuck Hagel. Hagel's replacement may be Michele Flournoy, whose husband W. Scott Gould is Jewish.


Woolwich: The PG version..


It was in 1919 that Ernst Rohm, the boy-loving Nazi, became close friends with Adolf Hitler.

Ernst Rohm was the only man Hitler called by the familiar 'du.'

Rohm, also known as Black Emma, was allowed to call Hitler 'Adolf', rather than 'Mein Fuhrer'.

The Nazi party was founded in "a tavern frequented by homosexual roughnecks....a gay bar."

Mein Kampf was dedicated to Rudolf Hess.

Hess liked to appear in gay bars dressed as 'Black Bertha'.


Reportedly, Ronald Jebson worked as a chauffeur ferrying children to the orgies run by the top persons' pedophile ring.

'Billy', a former cellmate of Jebson's says that Jebson boasted of his role in delivering children to be "auctioned" for abuse by high-ranking officials.

Susan Blatchford

In 1974, Jebson was imprisoned for the murder of eight-year-old Rosemary Papper.

Jebson was later found guilty of mudering Susan Blatchford (11) and Gary Hanlon (12), whose bodies were found Epping Forest, a location linked to Satanic ritual abuse.

According to a former Special Branch officer and a former Scotland Yard detective, top people in the UK Parliament murdered young boys at sex orgies. The Sunday People.

The retired detectives say that they were ­ordered NOT to investigate the powerful pedophile group involved in the orgies.

The former Special Branch ­officer has now given a statement to the police in which he says: "There was a significant paedophile group in Parliament who were untouchable."

The two retired detectives have ­provided information to the police about the identities of members of the paedophile ring.

Litvinoff's niece Vida described Litvinoff as "the court jester to the rich, smart Chelsea set of the sixties".

Litvinoff. Litvinoff, of Russian-Jewish origin, was born in Whitechapel in London.

In Notorious, John Pearson writes that Litvinoff procured boys for top people.

Theatrical agent Mim Scala said "what Litvinoff liked best were little boys, particularly naughty, runaway Borstal boys."[13]

The Pheasantry, once home to Litvinoff.

In 1968, shooting started on the gangster film Performance, written by Litvinoff's friend Donald Cammell and co-directed by Cammell and Nicolas Roeg, and starring James Fox and Mick Jagger.



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