The Suicide of Middle-Class

I live in a nice middle-class neighborhood. Everyone I know is middle-class. And I can tell they are all scared. They are deeply scared about their future. They are even more scared about the future of their children. But instead of taking on the challenges they are faced with, they keep hiding their heads in the sand.

The older folks are different. They have nothing to lose, except maybe their pension, like that retired German judge who wrote a history book on the wrong, heresy-law protected subject. They are able to see the ugly truth. They are not afraid of listening to and speaking the truth.

These older folks openly talk about their worries, how everything has doubled or tripled in price since they went on retirement, food, health, petrol, but their income has not, effectively slashing their income in half. They are worried about the job security of their children and grandchildren. And they are appalled how we are being systematically poisoned with GMO, hormones, pesticides and other dangerous substances that are added to our air, water and food.

If their children own a business, they are worried about how there are less and less people able to afford their products and services. They are unhappy with feeling more and more like strangers in their own countries, with their ethnicity, culture and religion under threat. They are unhappy about the shamelessness and lawlessness with which their country is run, country after country raped and pillaged, and the government debts piled up to levels where they never can be repaid.

Middle-class guilt

The younger ones don’t want to be told what goes on in the world. They don’t want to know. It’s too scary. What is more, their livelihood – and with it their middle-class status – depends on them being seen as a ‘politically reliable’ enforcer of the will of the 'elite' and willing parrots of their lies. Harboring dissident thoughts, giving credence to ‘conspiracy theories’, especially those that are less than flattering for the Jews, are career and social suicide. You become an instant social leper. Nobody who knows about those thoughts of yours dares to be seen being friendly with you, for fear of being suspected of harboring similar thoughts.

Regardless of these circumstances, middle-class sooner or later will have to face the ugly truth that it is making itself redundant, together with all the lower class jobs it has ‘off-shored’ to China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines. It should have known better. Sure, being the first in an industry to do so gives your company a competitive advantage for a couple of years, but only until your competitor are doing the same. Once they do, all you are left with are obscene ex-pat packages for the managers supervising your off-shore operations, increased travel and transport costs, corrupt officials to bribe, the same percentages of margins as before off-shoring, but on a much lower level, and no jobs in your own country for people to buy your products.

As a consequence of this madness, companies that want to survive eventually will have to move the rest of the operations to those corrupt slave labor countries, because that’s where the clients, the suppliers, the factories and increasingly the shareholders are. What middle-class has been doing for the past 30 years is commit economic suicide, both on a personal and a national level. For the sake of a promotion or a pay-rise, they have destroyed the future of their country, their children, their neighbors and friends. How do you call someone who acts like that? They know that they have built their career on treason, that’s why they don’t want anyone to ‘rock the boat’ and confront them with the fact that this virtual reality they live in is fake.

In the past, the ‘elite’ relied on middle-class to do for them all the dirty work. It was middle-class that created the virtual reality and controlled the cattle class. Now that the latter has become much or less obsolete, replaced by slave laborers and technology, so has middle-class.

Middle-class is key

Just as mid-management is key to organizational change, middle-class is to societal. Yes, middle-class brought us into the mess we are, because of its arrogance and selfishness, but it is necessary to get us out, because of its superior knowledge, expertise, organizational and leadership skills. Once middle-class realizes that it is no longer in its selfish interest trying to be clever and selling out its fellow men, it will be more willing to see the ugly truth. It will realize that if it wants to survive, it will have to lead the unavoidable revolutionary change.

Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by duncanlucas #33991
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Amen ! to that. Got it in one but will the 99% in the US actually do something about it ? Or will it never get farther than philosophizing about it . In this life its action/reaction--cause/effect. You have to do just like the film of US citizens out of work during the depression on this site and be prepared to die for the cause . Because if you prevaricate you are just driven down more and more by the NWO till life is not worth living. I understand why people commit suicide know how they feel talked to them but in reality it takes a stronger person / spirit to say I will not lie down and die in the face of extreme suffering.But will fight back with all my strength and spirit. Then can the US 99% achieve real freedom and that applies Worldwide. Dont give in!
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by rebelofoz #33990
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Whatever we do, our strategy must be designed to win middle-class over to our side.

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