Trayvon lunacy



as well as the immigration destabilization plot

Well, the contrived Trayvon Martin courtroom circus is over, now that a national push from the powers that be to give black strangers skulking about in white neighborhoods immunity from suspicion and confrontation has failed.

Much-maligned Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman was found innocent of second degree murder in the death of the hooded teen stranger, thanks to an eyewitness who saw Martin pounding Zimmerman's head on the pavement before he was shot. The tense jury verdict vindicated the original assessment of the Sanford, Florida police chief hours after the shooting that no charges should be filed, although political pressure caused him to be fired for his common sense decision.

A cast of black celebrities including President Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton led a nationwide charge to overrule the sheriff's entirely proper assessment. Their hysterical invective led to the appointment of a special prosecutor, which canceled the logical and legal requirements of empaneling a grand jury, which doubtless would have concluded that no crime had been committed.

Now, after a six-week-long soap opera and suspenseful jury deliberations, the fired sheriff's original conclusion has been vindicated, Zimmerman walks and Trayvon, nearly beatified by the media despite his sketchy behavioral record in high school, is still dead.

That the trial was such a one-sided walk in the park for Zimmerman's defense, black commentators on Fox News' post mortem of the trial (hosted by none other than the king of hysteria, Geraldo Rivera) were tripping over their own tongues trying to spin the need for racial understanding, now that their (and the prosecution's) malicious characterizations of George Zimmerman were determined by a jury to be utterly false.

Lost in the orgy of hand-wringing and breast-beating over the "tragedy" of Trayvon's death was the side note that an employee of State Attorney's office was fired for revealing to the defense team evidence that was withheld by the prosecution, which was cellphone photos of Martin presumably exhaling marijuana smoke.

Now that this unnecessary showpiece trial is over, and all those placards reading "Justice for Trayvon" can be packed away with all those "Free O.J." T-shirts collected back in the '90s, maybe the mawkish mainstream media can now turn its glaring attention to the issue of black-on-white crime, which dwarfs the reverse relationship by a ratio of at least 12-to-1.

In particular inside this issue is the practice of media not to name the race of criminal perpetrators in a steady stream of black-on-white rape/murders of not only young white women but also elderly white women, allowing the reality of this nationwide epidemic to remain relatively unknown to the general public.

Also critically needing to be discussed is the new phenomenon that is sweeping cities across the United States called "the Knockout Game", in which gangs of unruly black teenagers seek hapless white victims to beat up. To win the game, the object is to render unconscious the unsuspecting victim with one punch, and examples of this new and sadistic social phenomenon are plentiful.

And a further enlargement of the discussion of racial understanding in this country (not to mention the world) would be to discern how America's social infrastructure has been ravaged and destroyed by the inexplicable inflation of the U.S. population by unregulated immigration, particularly by the porous border philosophy practiced by the Obama government which has allowed crime rates to skyrocket in the southwestern border states and residents to flee their property in fear for their lives.

This policy, which included the now-infamous Fast and Furious fiasco in which Attorney General Eric Holder deliberately facilitated the delivery of automatic weapons to Mexican drug gangs, and was never charged for it, gives life to the claim that government officials in the U.S. do not obey the very laws they are supposed to enforce, and are actually working to destabilize the country.

These larger questions are the legacy of the Trayvon Martin incident, which are definitely not being addressed as the media wallows in kind of kumbiyah shoulder shrugging, mask their disappointment that they couldn't put George Zimmerman in prison and set a precedent that black hoodlums would be free to roam white neighborhoods and not be challenged for their suspicious presence in locations where they simply shouldn't be.

A simple glance at the police report of any newspaper in the United States should suffice to tell you why they shouldn't be there.

After all, Zimmerman, the captain of his neighborhood's security watch, challenged Martin because he was walking in the rain at night between houses wearing a hoodie in a place he shouldn't have been. Shortly thereafter, Martin was slamming Zimmerman's head on the pavement.

My opinion is not about racism, it's about criminality, and the prudent prevention of it.

And it's about a fairly recent trend in which black criminality is generally underplayed by media throughout the United States, creating the consensus notion that life in the black community is a lot more peaceful than it actually is.

There are large sections of America where ordinary law-abiding citizens should not go, murderous and decaying crack zones in practically every American city where crime is rampant and life is nasty and short. Detroit probably is the best example; the police there have publicly announced that they can't protect anyone in large sections of the city.

And even since they passed strict new gun laws in Chicago, the murder rate has skyrocketed.

This is not just a problem in the United States. Holland has had to change its policies on immigration because the Muslim influx has destabilized the whole country and overtaxed its government's social systems. In Sweden and Denmark serious rape epidemics by immigrant men against native females have the country in turmoil. Germany is being overrun by Turks, Great Britain by Africans. America is being deluged by refugees from everywhere who have deprived native citizens of their jobs and received such generous assistance from the government that it dwarfs what Americans who have paid into Social Security all their lives rightfully receive.

What is the purpose of all this contrived chaos, you might ask?

My answer would be that it is part of a worldwide plan to destabilize all the countries and make them more vulnerable to a police state takeover. The elevation of black attitudes through fictional media programs has left white American citizens feeling betrayed by their government, and they have been, especially with the ascension of a half-black president with no verifiable background or credentials who has done more to destroy the American Constitution than any other person in history.

Yes, he's the guy who said, "If I had a son, he probably would have looked like Trayvon."

Though Barack Obama is president of the United States, he's not president of the white people in the United States. To them, he's a traitor who has not and does not obey the very laws he took an oath to enforce. In fact, he has broken them repeatedly, and also supervised a continuing conspiracy of lies that has caused the deaths of millions of people around the world.

The Trayvon Martin case was an attempt by the powers that be, led by Obama, to kindle a race war in the United States, for the purpose of further destabilization of the social sinews that hold the country together. They chose the wrong case, and couldn't make it stand up. That doesn't mean they, and he, won't try again, and given all the other horrendous maneuvers he's inflicted on this formerly free country, he should be removed from office before he tries again.

Isn't it obvious? He's deliberately engineering the destruction of the country. And the George Zimmerman prosecution was just one more example of it, an attempt to deny people the right to defend themselves and send them to jail for crimes they did not commit.

Combined with false flag wars, prefabricated terror, deliberate environmental poisoning and medical care designed to kill people, it should be obvious to everyone by now that the twisted robots running the Jewish-infected government of the United States are the real criminals, and the people they are supposed to protect and defend are its victims.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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