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  • rebelofoz
    22 minutes ago…

  • duncanlucas
    1 hour 36 minutes ago

    I had some trouble from my ISP I couldnt view my email page on their website . Both my secure browsers blocked the page(various trackers and downloaders) . I was told by them -get another browser I said I tried an old IE that got me through okay BUT my protection system went wild with balloons showing attacks as well as peerblock blocking URL,s . Opened up to day guess what my ISP changed the DNS settings also removed most of ABP update filters. Still didnt help to see emails though. I didnt want to download IE 11 as I know it takes over your internet connections and default settings. So I said -blow it(or words to that effect) what would upset my trackers most I know ! and downloaded a Chinese Browser at least it will be Chinese tracking me . Works just fine but can you see how controlled your PC is by "big business" ?? . It uses Google although I can change that but hit and --- it took me to a site with listings under the Rebel .org its (Google) has put in my post in reply to ""duncan of OZ" Dont tell me we are not being watched by the "authorities"

  • Adam H added a reply in discussion A Major Strategic Understandin...
    2 hours 20 minutes ago

    Mag-Lev, let's keep it simple for the pundits eh! The great Reich had this & the great Mastermind of Teslar had it before the the Reich. Teslar transformed with not a penny in his pocket, Excelent! The Reich on the other hand, created and fought on the same stream. Whilst kept the poo alive (and let them plot) Germany armed, Created, and held dow...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    4 hours 28 minutes ago

    "duncan of OZ" That isnt an insult I said long ago on record here I like Australians because like me they get to the point right away and speak the truth. As regards Hitler and Forming Israel you are making yourself look stupid because it is a big lie . Why dont you ask 20TH Century Historians on the Middle -East . I said England started it by de...

  • Adam H
    9 hours 34 minutes ago

    + I am loath to pull out the banning stick as I am all for open and honest discussion, but if pelicans keep up the surreptitious games I will brandish it with wanton regard.

    Instead of the bullshit ploy why not ask for clarification on someones statement instead of opinion bashing? To not do so leaves you in no-mans-land and we must, by rights, consider you a shill or worse.

    Adam H

  • Adam H
    10 hours 2 minutes ago

    When at the pub, the old saying goes "we are not to talk of religion or politics." LoL, for obvious reasons! When such discussions inexorably arise and you inform the layman that all roads (woes) lead to the Jew, the closed minded and indoctrinated loose their shit pretty fast, thus one must be prepared to defend oneself. So whomever the mutt is bastardising other contributors user-names, piss off! Because once you get here and understand, one is far from an "armchair general."

  • Yukon added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    12 hours 13 minutes ago

    @Tyron Parson a.k.a Watchman on the Jew Wall pissing on Himself last post here? really? you've said that a half dozen times Bolshevik? sorry, I'm not a russian commie - have you even read my essay that Judaism is Communism? But what about you, the one true Jew? Your religion, christianity is also another variant of communism, because christian...

  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    14 hours 55 minutes ago

    Just to avoid any confusions, I am not "Rebel of OZ". The "guest" posting comments under that name is very close to being banned permanently from this site, for picking fights with key writers on this site and pretending to be me.....

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