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  • rebelofoz Likes Born Into Jew Hell
    8 minutes ago
  • Yukon added a reply in discussion Born Into Jew Hell...
    3 hours 9 minutes ago

    Welcome to Jew hell, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. We were born into Jew hell, and it's time to get your mind wrapped around just how deep of shit we are in....

  • duncanlucas
    5 hours 7 minutes ago

    Mastercard has got together with Swipe-Biometrics to introduce a new card that does away with the pin number.Sounds good, to all the Americans who hold one BUT in its place it is using your FINGERPRINT-NSA to Obommer we still dont hold all American citizens fingerprints -Obommer what would help ? NSA- Introduce fingerprint ID to all credit/debit cards-Obommer-Good I will have a talk with Mastercard to set the "ball rolling " NSA-Good and get the other banks to do the same -Obommer- on it now !.

  • buckster Likes Weather Derivatives
    5 hours 13 minutes ago
  • Yukon
    6 hours 27 minutes ago

    Jews panic after Kyle Hunt podcast! You have to laugh at how fragile the Holocaust narrative must be, all throughout Jewlandia, newspapers plastered the filthy kike propaganda about Nazis getting social security checks. This was, I believe, in response to Kyle Hunt's recent podcasts:…

    One man can make a difference, my hat is off to Kyle for having the balls to calmly and openly talk about Jew vampirism and how they are always having to deny it. Good show!

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion ENGLISH After a month in Onton...
    6 hours 50 minutes ago

    Excellent article John,very informative and intellectually simulating. One part says Neanderthals and Jews have no chin,just checked mine and underneath the beard it is very prominent.I like the area you have moved to as you say cleaner air .My wife lived in Nova Scotia near the same latitude....

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Most Brits bitten by cybercrim...
    7 hours 8 minutes ago

    AS long as M$ provides Back Doors to its programs then hackers will find a way of using that to their advantage . Just think ,if M$ didnt allow back-doors which means many built in Trojans then their system would be much more stable and stronger and stop more hackers. I watch daily as all my info is relaid to California via Google -Multicast etc e...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Russia, China prepare to sign ...
    7 hours 17 minutes ago

    What it really boils down to is stopping the US from snooping on them. Russia is also afraid that the US will cut it off from the WWW. They are thinking of measures to counteract that like a cable linking all the BRIC countries which has already been proposed. This would be attached to the WWW but more to the point safeguards put in place to stop t...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion ‘P5+1 directors may meet in ea...
    8 hours 37 minutes ago

    Reality-Obommer to his master Nutteryahu . We have a deal with the Iranians -Nutteryahu NO you have not -Obommer-Why is that Sir? Because they have nuclear plants -Obommer-But your Highness so does many other countries -Nutteryahu -but we dont like Iran so you must do as we say and not reach agreement -Obommer but Your Supreme Being we have checked...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Israeli firm announces plans t...
    8 hours 53 minutes ago

    Russia-as per the Western Knesset= STOP SOUTH STREAM-SANCTION Russia -A "MAD DOG " AGGRESSOR. Israel "savior" of Egypt wonderful country of non-aggressors-peace loving - kind to the Palestinians a showcase of non-racism and help for the poor. All help will be given by the Western World to get gas from Israel to Eqypt and gas from the US -at enormou...

  • duncanlucas
    9 hours 8 minutes ago

    Further to my comments on Cloud archiving etc . It has now been admitted Cloud is far from safe by several business technology firms .Do not believe the "rose tinted glasses " view of it by many big internet businesses not only is it leaky it can be implanted with malware for your next download. New types of firewalls are being thought out as we speak to counteract some of the aspects of Cloud. Your head would need to be "in a cloud" for you to believe the hype.

  • duncanlucas
    9 hours 24 minutes ago

    Got your latest email John it seems you and I think alike on many subjects.Well presented and intelligently put forward, well put John!

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion ENGLISH Flying again, the Hitl...
    9 hours 33 minutes ago

    Good article and yes Germany was restricted in what it could fly . Watched many pilot training sessions on German satellite using archive films of the 30s . You could see how fit and well Hitler made the German people ,slim,eager,intelligent and as you have pointed out the US and UK a big collection of brain cell limited morons....

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