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  • buckster likes the discussion The American State is Jewish H...
    16 minutes ago
  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion The American State is Jewish H...
    1 hour 24 minutes ago

    Amen to that Yukon ! (like the last cartoon )....

  • Yukon added a reply in discussion The American State is Jewish H...
    3 hours 52 minutes ago

    The greatest day in American history will be the day we launch B-52's to bomb the hell out of Israel....

  • duncanlucas
    6 hours 15 minutes ago

    Got an email from the Fight for Net Neutrality on the Internet -a US based organisation. At this very moment a bill is being prepared by the FCC to allow Cable companies to control the US Web which will introduce CENSORSHIP in the US .They are putting out a crafty amendment to make it look as though the US Administration are on the side of the 99 % -But -it is a "loaded" Bill ,Obommer has appointed a chairman to the FCC he is a CABLE company LOBBYIST ,it looks bad, so could the US members visit the website and register their vote Against this devious bill .

  • duncanlucas
    6 hours 35 minutes ago

    Further to the Glasswire network program recommended by me ,on booting up it was taken off the start menu I had to re-instate it. As its obvious that I am being watched I have to hesitate to offer more advice as they will interfere with my PC . But as I have said previously ,and backed up by some computer technician companies ,while Win 7 is one of the best M$ programs ,sorry to say its full of M$ trojans. I have found two at the moment and stopped them and that made a difference. Dont believe everything that M$ says about not touching anything M$ as advised by M$ websites . They tell you to try this or that without it achieving anything but refuse to tell you to stop any M$ programs.

  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion American Red Cross: A Corporat...
    12 hours 2 minutes ago

    I normally don't reproduces articles from Infowars for obvious reasons. However, when I first started my dissident career, Kurt Nimmo used to me one of my favourite writers, until he went 'commercial' and joined Infowars. However, he's still an excellent writer....

    Adam H Don't bow down collective
    11 hours 53 minutes ago 1
  • rebelofoz Likes The Solution To The Synagogue Of Satan
    12 hours 33 minutes ago
    Adam H Yep: The Temple on the mount, Muslim's destroy it, don't war! Hold them to account
    12 hours ago
  • Adam H
    12 hours 52 minutes ago

    dont go bulletts, just tell yr mts to lkf or, I can put it away.

  • rebelofoz
    12 hours 52 minutes ago

    A PDF version of the entire book can be found in the online book section of the Rebel Site.

  • Adam H
    12 hours 55 minutes ago


    General Questions for Yanks!

    You We're and are the "Best Shit"........Como'n

  • rebelofoz likes a reply in discussion NY Time is destroying Obongo &...
    15 hours 43 minutes ago
  • Broiler added a reply in discussion NY Time is destroying Obongo &...
    15 hours 50 minutes ago

    "Neuter"? I doubt Obozo has ever had control of anything. He was raised a Manchurian candidate by the CIA and Ford Foundation in Indonesia. He frequented Chicago leather bars until forced on the Dems as a young, "black-American" Senator and on into his puppet presidency. No less a puppet than Reagan with nowhere near the acting ability. Reagan the ...

    Adam H Whom-.-. is then"neuter/or,ed" . Come in tothe fold most, good genereal.

    Reagan was going to get shot anyway, .22. Did he not push them?
    13 hours 13 minutes ago

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