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  • rebelofoz Likes McCain The Insane!
    45 minutes ago
  • rebelofoz Likes Requiem for a failed species
    6 hours 53 minutes ago
  • rebelofoz Likes Ebola is an agenda, not a disease
    8 hours 54 minutes ago
  • duncanlucas
    14 hours 15 minutes ago

    I have been accused of blaming the Jews for most of the bad things happening in this World and yes I do see things in black or white. But I did try to see the other side of some Jewish organisations that say they are anti-Zionist . At the end of the day even they admit they can do no more to influence their own race Nutteryahu just ignores them and carries on with his elimination of a whole race of people from this earth.Now you have got to admit -there is NO GREY area/MIDDLE ground here holding up a peace flag in Gaza as the IDF target your brains to be blown out cant in any terms be described as being MIDDLE ground . The ONLY choice is Total War of any sort to stop him ,Walking up to him and saying -dont build any more West-bank settlements or stop killing the Palestinians would get you jailed ,tortured and deported.Where,s the MIddle Ground ??? You MUST fight fire with fire the ONLY alternative is to give in I never do that.

  • duncanlucas
    14 hours 31 minutes ago

    I did notice in the website for the US Homeland Security that the biggest immigrants to the US were the Mexicans . They are coming in large numbers so I can understand why some Americans are not happy with this . Its the same here but the complaint is against East Europeans .I go to Car-boot(trunk) sales many complaints from sellers that someone gets the stall holder distracted while another lifts something on the table they want .This item is then passed back so that the person at the table cant be accused of theft. They are taking a chance in one boot-sale a few years ago somebody was killed for the same and others attacked. They dont muck about here.

  • duncanlucas
    17 hours 46 minutes ago

    The figures for Americans leaving the US (common complaint of depressing atmosphere) is up from around 1 % to 5.1 % -taken from US statistics- They dont like the way the country is run . Does that not ring a bell ?? -Who runs the US ?- Israel and Jews via Big Business just the same as the UK.

  • duncanlucas
    18 hours 8 minutes ago

    Remember Ghadafi ruler of Libya ? The West US/UK saying he was an evil man and bombed and tortured to death with the help and forces of the US .Why ? because he wanted to bring together all the African countries into one organisation this was the LAST thing Bush and Co wanted as their Jewish Masters want the Middle-East in constant turmoil to stop them ganging up against Israeli Policies .What the Western Press didnt say is that like Hitler he gave his people free homes-free medical care-paid large sums of money to them when they married -freely- ALL Socialist Policies like Hitler did. WE cant have the poor being happy to live in the country of their birth can we ? doesnt go with Jewish Policy does it -no bread ? then let them eat cake !

  • duncanlucas
    18 hours 27 minutes ago

    Part 2 . But you and Cameron have a problem I support NATIONAL Socialism which you seem to class as Communism-they arent the same no matter how much the Jews would like it to be . Hitler was and is -both in the US and UK looked on by both governments as a FAR-RIGHT Nationalist . You cant have it both ways it is a FACT of HISTORY that Hitler looked after the German people Socially-free health service -reduced unemployment down to single figures by renewing German Infrastructure -gave them homes -put good money in their pockets -subsidized holidays and much more ALL Socialist Policies ,but the Jews keep quiet about it and only shout -NAZI-NAZI etc.So make up your mind which was he ?? .I know a few swear words in Gaelic but they might be banned so wont print them.

  • Broiler added a reply in discussion CIA-Mossad doctor is "infected...
    18 hours 35 minutes ago

    The socialistas in the US are setting themselves up for failure with this Ebozo hoax. Did anyone need Trump to confirm that with his tirades? He's controlled opposition. Why are his predominantly losing schemes continually financed by the banksters? The pendulum swings of the US 'two-party" system is how the Jewish banksters continually milk the we...

  • kevinalfredstrom likes a reply in discussion The poison brew of blind belie...
    19 hours 5 minutes ago
  • kevinalfredstrom uploaded a new avatar.
  • kevinalfredstrom added a reply in discussion The poison brew of blind belie...
    19 hours 22 minutes ago

    Very good to see my old friend R.P. Oliver being quoted. I maintain the Oliver Web site. I do think that a rational religion is possible, but it could not, of course, be any variation of the Three Evil Religions. With all good wishes, Kevin Alfred Strom....

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