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  • Amerikagulag added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    6 minutes ago

    Here's a good read to set straight anyone still believing the bible is 'gods word'.

  • rebelofoz
    2 hours 24 minutes ago…

    Are 9 years of Rebel Site coming to an end today? The deadline for our monthly hosting fee is only hours away and we are still short by US$400 for our montly hosting fee and related…
  • rebelofoz added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    3 hours 28 minutes ago

    Yukon, the reason why people like World Changer react so badly to your criticism of their f***ed jew god is that their entire self esteem is based on the illusion that their god loves them more than the next person. it's a religion for wankers and they don't appreciate being confronted with the reality that they are wankers.

  • Ricksfaith added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    3 hours 53 minutes ago

    I believe that the god you are mentioning here is the god of the Jews and not the god of the Christians. Apparently Dawkins understanding of the Bible is based on hearsay and not real Biblical study. I don’t believe in 99% of what is preached today in the Judeo-Christian church either. Christianity came before Judaism.. fact. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish Talmud, which is the opposite of

  • rebelofoz added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    4 hours 37 minutes ago

    Tom, there is no need to use Facebook to comment. This site has several commenting features. 1. Facebook commenting For people who want to share their thoughts on our articles with their Facebook community. 2. Simple commenting To give us a better handle on Trolls, anonymous commenting is disabled, so you need to register and log into the site to use that feature. 3. Rebel Forum You can link t

  • rebelofoz added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    4 hours 51 minutes ago

    Yukon, I'm sorry you have to endure all that harassment of well-known pests like World Changer. You have moderator rights on the Rebel Site, so you can delete his posts and ban him any time.

  • buckster added a new comment in This is Our Life
    9 hours 14 minutes ago

    Thanks for that Addendum,I 1000% agree.Spot On,well said.Also The idea of Possession is also Correct!.

  • buckster replied to a comment in The Asshole You Call God
    9 hours 35 minutes ago

    Holy Cow Batman,there are so many shills,and trolls,on this planet,How can we beat them?.Not to worry Robin,lets go to the bat cave, to Devise a way to Educate the Masses.

  • Yukon added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    10 hours 22 minutes ago

    It occurred to me that the reason the Yahweh trolls comment on my Yahweh attacks is because they identify themselves so closely with him, that when I criticize their god they take it as a personal attack on themselves. It's true, Christian Identity freaks are assholes just like their god Yahweh.

  • Yukon added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    10 hours 25 minutes ago

    I changed some text and changed a graphic:

  • buckster Likes The Asshole You Call God
    10 hours 34 minutes ago
  • Yukon
    10 hours 42 minutes ago

    Right on Wanda, I couldn't agree more with your comment.

  • Yukon added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    10 hours 46 minutes ago

    I deleted my old email account because of the spam from Bible freaks like World Changer ... a pest that I told to go away many times, now he posts my response to his endless trolling claiming I am of ill character, well I am known for being ill with pieces of crap like World Changer and also for fist de cuffs and beating the shit out of Hasbara trolls .... and on the internets I can say whatever I

  • Yukon added a new comment in The Asshole You Call God
    10 hours 53 minutes ago

    the Jewish troll World Changer is posting with my avatar - see I told you Bible believers are assholes

  • wanda shared a photo.
    14 hours 54 minutes ago

    Christians are clearly worshiping an evil entity. Not only that, but Jehovah's favorite people routinely engage in murder, rape, thieving, extortion, enslaving, ritual sacrifice of humans and animals, torture, infanticide, nepotism, prostitution, incest and more. Just quick glance at the bible reveals that.

    Satan is supposed to be the bad guy, but i'd like to know where is the biblical evidence of that? He doesn't lie, steal, deceive, torture, kill... he doesn't do any of that. What does he do that makes him the great nemesis of Jehovah? He tempts... in other words, he makes people think. God doesn't like that apparently.

    There are "Satanists" in the world doing evil deeds, on a wide scale... and why is this? Is it their purpose to keep the "Satan is ruling the world" illusion alive? Because, biblically speaking, there is no evidence that Satan is or does evil. And i do know the bible, i studied it for years. It's not in there.

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