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  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    49 minutes ago

    Just to avoid any confusions, I am not "Rebel of OZ". The "guest" posting comments under that name is very close to being banned permanently from this site, for picking fights with key writers on this site and pretending to be me.....

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    1 hour 20 minutes ago

    Rebel??? of OZRIEL-get your facts right . Rich UK and European Jews were constantly lobbying Westminster government MP.s and cabinet minister from the turn of the century. Money changed hands (graft) Oh no ! not Westminster the "mother of Parliaments " but yes . It was the English government that set up money being sent to Jews to buy land from the...

  • Yukon
    3 hours 14 minutes ago

    Didn't Ebola start right in the middle of the Gaza onslaught? Doesn't Israel use distractions as a major part of its strategy? When the world is watching Ukraine, Israel will sneak in a bomb attack.

    Am I the only one that suspects Israel as the cause of starting the Ebola outbreak? Israel, yeah Israel, the same little demonic nation that blew up FUKUshima that is giving the world the endless gift of radioactive ocean water.

    usofjewmerika Of course the jews created it. Same people that brought you AIDS and Autism. It's probably a Psyop for forced vaccinations. Take a look at
    1 hour 2 minutes ago
  • Yukon added a reply in discussion Here We Go - Down, Down, Down!...
    3 hours 19 minutes ago

    If we get into a crash scenario, I will present to this forum charts of the downwave pattern and the eventual lows. Remember one hard fast rule discovered about credit bubbles, fiat money, stock speculations: The market ALWAYS returns to the original price or lower where the money pumping started. In the case of the NYSE, the money pumping starte...

  • Yukon added a reply in discussion Here We Go - Down, Down, Down!...
    3 hours 24 minutes ago

    about 30 minutes prior to close the CBOE stopped VIX futures trading reports zerohedge we'll see how this major up trendline break today plays out, here's a chart of the trendline as of yesterday

  • duncanlucas
    4 hours 36 minutes ago

    I said previously that you should disconnect your web cam and mike from your PC as the NSA/GCHQ can turn it on . I hope you took that advice A website in the UK set up by a hacker turned on 1000s of the same .Over 60000 hours of live footage from homes,hospitals,businesses-babies sleeping in cots-a boy playing on a PC-elderly woman in wheelchair -inside a church changing room.AS I said if a lowly hacker can do it how much more US/UK spy depts.For those permanently stuck on E-bay -BEWARE criminal hackers have put up many fake sites-very well done -you click on it takes you to another site that looks realistic and asks for your details.

  • buckster added a reply in discussion Here We Go - Down, Down, Down!...
    5 hours 36 minutes ago

    Will be very interesting to see how the Market responds,at the close of today.This is Not a good start for 10/01/2014,could very well be the start of what is to come?...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    6 hours 36 minutes ago

    Guttless -You mention the London Blitz as If it was the be all and end all of UK bombing by Hitler. WRONG !! ever heard of the Clydebank Blitz -eh ? .Over two nights in mid March ,during a cloud free full moon Clydebank was FLATTENED much worse than ANY individual bombing in London or elsewhere . Targeted werent John Browns shipyard or Singers fa...

  • Yukon added a reply in discussion Here We Go - Down, Down, Down!...
    7 hours 36 minutes ago

    This morning's stock plunge indicates that this wave count is valid: If we get into a crash scenario, the downside potential is fantastic because the market wants to liquify decades of excessive debt, going back to the beginning of the monetary inflation in ...

  • Yukon added a reply in discussion The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm...
    7 hours 46 minutes ago

    @ BOO Hasbara Troll from Jew Hell You sent me hundreds of emails with extremely negative comments, you are obsessed with my essays. I told you to stop trolling my essays several times, but you continue spamming hundreds of email and then you post one of my bold demands to stop but you refuse to stop, then you claim I threatened you. Take that thre...

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