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  • rebelofoz likes a reply in discussion NY Time is destroying Obongo &...
    1 hour 18 minutes ago
  • Broiler added a reply in discussion NY Time is destroying Obongo &...
    1 hour 25 minutes ago

    "Neuter"? I doubt Obozo has ever had control of anything. He was raised a Manchurian candidate by the CIA and Ford Foundation in Indonesia. He frequented Chicago leather bars until forced on the Dems as a young, "black-American" Senator and on into his puppet presidency. No less a puppet than Reagan with nowhere near the acting ability. Reagan the ...

  • rebelofoz added a video.
    5 hours 34 minutes ago
    Hitler and Goebbles did not commit suicide -- they were tortured to death!

    Since my last upload took 800 minutes I won't put up a name, description or tags till its uploaded. Just found out Hitler, Ava Braum, Goebbels and his wife were tortured to death by Jewish Bullshitviks, er... I mean Bolsheviks. The women were also savagely raped. They did "NOT" commit suicide as claimed! International J people did the same things to Gaddafi and of course Mussolini, his wife and...

    rebelofoz Why would have the rabies-infested jew pigs pretended that Hitler and Goebbels had committed suicide instead of proudly parading their dead victim, as they normally would?!
    1 hour 20 minutes ago
  • rebelofoz
    7 hours 3 minutes ago

    I said it all along. That was the purpose of the 'disappeared' Malaysian Airlines flight. The load it with explosives and fly it into the Al-Aqsa Mosque and blame it on Iran or Syria, for the purpose of making room for the 3rd temple and to create a casi belli.

  • rebelofoz
    10 hours 6 minutes ago…

    rebelofoz I don't care how late respectively at what age they abort 'babies' as long as they are Jewish. Every dead Jew makes the world a better place.
    10 hours 5 minutes ago
  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Kiev-Moscow gas talks hit dead...
    11 hours 6 minutes ago

    Every American power company on this planet who has US or foreign customers =CANT pay then NO power yet they want Russia to supply a debt DEFAULTER with power ??? . They must think Russia are right MUGS !...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion Israel recalls ambassador to S...
    11 hours 12 minutes ago

    I am jumping up and down with delight !! Hurrah-Hurrah !!! Nutteryahu -the World HATES you you are the most EVIL man on this planet . I hope many follow Sweden's move . Glasgow is still flying the Palestinian flag -long may it last . There is NO other person in this World who is DIRECTLY guilty of causing the MASS deaths of MILLIONS of the Worlds...

  • duncanlucas added a reply in discussion PRO-INDEPENDENCE PARTIES ON 58...
    11 hours 28 minutes ago

    WE wus robbed !! RT pointed out that due to lack of security at the count they saw and photographed yes votes being put in the no pile. They were shown on the internet BUT NOT by the 37 anti-Scottish newspapers sold in Scotland. I said we had plenty of oil, the English said =oil RUNNING OUT -latest news Emmmm ! Errrrr ! NEW OIL FIELDS "discovered...

  • Amerikagulag added a new comment in Sweden officially recognises State of Palestine
    14 hours 56 minutes ago

    Good on Sweden. The BEST at lots of things including logic. They should distance themselves from the US though. Israel will soon send its attack dog on them.

  • duncanlucas
    16 hours 45 minutes ago

    That was quick, I mentioned Glasswire program in a post the other day it didnt display automatically on boot up today. Went into registry -guess what ? on start up it was programmed to-hide ! .It tells me 2 things -one I am being watched -2- The power of Rebel Website to being watched Worldwide. Notice now the "difference of opinion" of Obommer and Nutteryahu and also the exponential rise in the US of intelligent Americans to realise they are being "shafted " by Israel and the Jews which in no small part is down to the Rebel Website and other websites like it. More and more demonstrations are taking place in the US and more anti-Jewish groups are also protesting its getting near election time in the US .Time to boot out the Pro- Israel lobby and get REAL Americans who are loyal to the US NOT Israel, voted in.

  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Are 9 years of Rebel Site comi...
    21 hours 36 minutes ago

    Just a quick update. Less than 24 hours left until the expiry of the second payment extension, and I'm still short by US$115....

  • rebelofoz

    lmao - there is nothing the rabies infected jew pigs fear more than a rebirth of national socialism. It's only a matter of time. Truth will prevail.

    German 'Nazi' classroom under investigation According to media reports, the ninth-graders have taken to popular messaging app WhatsApp to promote Nazi slogans.
  • rebelofoz

    Looks like back-paddling to me.

    WHO: Ebola Decline in Liberia Could Be Real Trend The rate of new Ebola infections in Liberia appears to be declining and could represent a genuine trend, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, but…

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